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Posted November 29, 2015
Carole Forest

I hear snow geese-
a cacophony of chatter.
I lift my face, and high into a
golden-crimson sky
I see them.

Only a moment: great white wings
like a mighty arrow set across the sky.

Gone. Immersed in silence,
left to feel
an abiding love for this earth.

I’ll hold in reserve the joy I feel,
save it for dreary day

and go about my morning
replete with gratitude.

Posted October 6, 2015
(Genesis 37)

Many hues are in its coat,
much like the one Joseph wore.
Mid-fall winds come. Down, leaves float–
moon shines on twigs clothed no more.
Mud just soils this ground cover
making it much like the coat
mangled by Joseph’s brothers.

Posted July 26, 2015

A Ripening

“My love is like a red, red rose” – Robert Burns

red rose
begins as bud

tightly wound
a top unspring

as trust lets light glisten near
warmth undoes all perceived fear

ambitious passion
unfurls petals

bubbling ecstasy
oozes scent of damask

attar of love anoints

red rose
buds anew

Posted April 19, 2015

My Wild Iris Rows

In this beautiful Santa Rosa garden,
I am surrounded by rows and rows
of other irises like me. I see many
different types of colored irises.

My name is April Jewel, a light
salmon color. I stand two feet high.
My roots are called creeping rhizomes.

The bulbs are divided to propagate
and are planted six weeks before
the first frost. I am perennial.
My green slender leaves enjoy sunshine.

People come from all over to see us.

Cedar Waxwings

Welcome to our persimmon tree.
Eat all the fruit you will.
Persimmons are green all summer
and taste sweeter after the chill.

Don’t let the robins bother you, or
starlings soil your feast. Of all the
fruits we grow persimmons
we like least.

Nov19 002


Landscape of salt marsh. At times
Like these, wool-bundled, I walk
Looking for my favorite flower –
Lavender of the sea, which
Lives in salty soil, with its
Lovely blend of purple-blue.
Life is good, here by the sea.

Posted January 16, 2015


Shells and People

On a driftwood beach
a woman’s slight shiver
a man’s patient wait.

She points at
tide-pool shapes—
where beds spread

and mussels
are arranged tightly-
patterned shapes

twisted in tones
of tans and blacks and
sun-bleached whites

clustered around
mollusk worlds
where tumbling tides

push at forms gripping
against ocean’s surge—
that constant wash

slam sucking waves
with roaring splash
and scurried flood

Strolling Shadow at Nine Bells

The alley street light shines tonight;
illuminations on the fence.
I see his shadow as he strolls
the graveled alley at nine bells.

We missed our chance at wedding bells,
to add my shadow to his stroll.
Illuminations on the fence,
a yellow street light shines tonight.


Hurricanes hardly ever
Happen in California.
Heart stopping earthquakes, or else
Hard to endure droughts sometimes
Hit us. But most of the time
Heavenly weather persists.
How truly blessed we have been.

Voices From the Past

I visited with them today—
voices that had been long ago silenced
by death and time, now only memories.

Voices that had been long ago silenced came
alive again with a two dollar Sony Walkman!
I heard them speak just as before.

Alive again with a two dollar Sony Walkman—
Mom, Dad, Uncle, Auntie, Great Aunt Nell.
I heard their voices on cassette tapes…

Mom, Dad, Uncle, Auntie, Great Aunt Nell—
laughing, joking, telling stores, family history.
Dad played the piano; Kathleen sent greetings.

Laughing, joking, telling stories, family history..
moments captured then hidden in a shoebox.
Babies’ cooing, children’s voices, family pets’

moments captured then hidden in a shoebox
were now revived, re-lived and remembered
with joy, sorrow and a longing to see those

whose voices had long ago been silenced.
Alive again with a two dollar Sony Walkman—
Mom, Dad, Uncle, Auntie, Great Aunt Nell,
laughing, joking, telling stories, family history—
moments captured, then hidden in a shoebox.
Now revived, now re-lived and remembered.


days lengthen until
sleepless leaf cells,
feeling sunlight on their backs,
tasting sweet sap
trickle up umbilical
from deep parental roots,
swell along the
frozen branches
even as winter’s last snowfall
covers their promise
one last time,
by flake
along dark
knobby boughs,
stacking up,
a twig wide,
an inch deep
on every branch.


Quagga, zebra-like. Extinct.
Quick as that, he’s here and gone—
Quivering on the world’s edge.
Quarantined from the gene pool:
Quotient zero. I dream of
Quicksilver eyes as he melts.
Questions remain; quench my thirst.

My Dad’s Desk

is a secretary—
standing tall, erect
in elegant mahogany
on ball and claw feet
with flame-carved finial top.

Slant writing front drops
exposing cubby holes,
slots, tiny drawers,
secret compartments…
mysteries that lie within.

Of Valkyries and Demons

The golden cat lay curled in the dark corner
not chased, not afraid, just awaiting eternal sleep
his time had come, earlier than desired

Never before, and never after seen
the sleek, ebony feline shape appeared
pausing only for a moment, to collect

Was this the famed dark harbinger of death
or the chariot master on task from Freyja
searching for a driver for her chariot to the heavens

The golden cat’s brother now stands where he once lay
awaiting, awaiting his time to fend off the demons
or accept the Valkyries escort, when his time comes


Within this forest
a monkish moment intrudes
time spreads away from
silence in rustling
newest hour’s reply.

Scents bustle through
this glade.  A curious mind
holds these terse meanings
as gestures among trees.



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    • Thanks Janet. Doing a re-build will take time, as I have many more photos. The OSTIN’s DESK ONLINE is a new addition and we look forward to many more posts.

  1. To CKM and others:

    definitely! Wonderful production and entries. I’m glad Carol Louise contacted me, since I hadn’t visited the page for a bit. Incredible photography to go along with the poetry. Thanks to all.


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