The beauty of the beach 

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5 thoughts on “Coastal

  1. I love these in depth photos. Especially, the beach fence opening to the dunes and the foreboding of the dark clouds.

  2. Chris, these photos are amazing! I like it when you say where they were taken. They are from such a wide range of places! It’s wonderful to be taken so far and so near!! Thank you! Love the combination of poetry and your photographic eye and heart! I am honored to be a tiny part of it.

  3. Dear Chris:

    Carol Louise asked me to take a look at your site. I’m glad I did. The scenes are beautifully captured.

    I’m cutting and pasting a single poem perchance you migiht want to pair it with one of the images you shown in this display. Whatever you decide, I’ll look for some other pieces I think that might work in the mix.


  4. Vince, thanks for taking the time. I am glad you enjoyed the work. Send what ever you want to post, along with the particular picture indentifier and I will most likely add them both to OSTIN’S DESK

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